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WCSO mourns the loss of one of their own

– Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the local community are
mourning the loss this week of a beloved WCSO communications officer.

Taylor Forrester was a dispatcher at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office before she died of COVID-19.

Her coworkers said she was hospitalized with the virus at the end of July and eventually had to be put on a ventilator. 

had only been with the department for a few months, but Washington
County Sheriff Kevin Crews said he has fond memories of Forrester.

remember going in there and speaking to her. ‘how are you doing today?’
and she was glad to be here. We were glad to have her,” said Crews. “I
can’t even imagine what her family is going through. 28 years old”

Eddie Nelson is one of many deputies at the Sheriff’s Office and had worked with Forrester in dispatch before.

saddened that it ended the way it ended,” Nelson said. “We were here
rooting for her and praying for her, and it makes a difference when it
hits home here”

It was previously believed young people were largely shielded from contracting serious cases of COVID-19.

But with this new delta variant, the virus is claiming more young victims than ever before.

one hit us right in the mouth and we have received several calls…from
several counties. The word has gotten out. But I guess now this thing is
affecting pretty much all ages.” 

Sheriff Crews says he urges people to take care of themselves the best they can to stay protected against the disease.

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