Chipley High Basketball organizing Christmas toy drive

CHIPLEY – The Chipley High School girls and boys basketball teams have organized a Christmas toy drive for those less fortunate.

This is the second year the Chipley Tigers have put on their Christmas toy drive.

All toys will be donated to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to be distributed ahead of Christmas.

“It just felt good knowing that you could give toys to people that might not have been able to get those toys if we didn’t get to do the toy drive last year,” Morgan Ashcraft said.

Players expressed that they are happy to be able to give back to the community.

“I think it’s a great way for everybody to get together and help around and support everybody in need at this time because not everybody can afford stuff like this,” said Kinsleigh Hunter

Shanae Boston is proud her daughter Kinsleigh is involved in something that helps the community.

“Teaching the kids that it’s not just what you do on the court that classifies you as being a good person but it’s about what you do for others is what’s really going to last,” Boston said. “Being able to pour back into the community and make an impact is really something meaningful.”

Chipley High’s Principal Alicia Clemmons said she is pleased with the example the players have set for their school.

“We’re getting them ready for the real world and they have got to be able to give back,” Clemmons said. “It takes everyone working together to make a community really work and so we want to model giving back to our students. It can only help them.”

The toys can be dropped off at the high school or given to any member of the basketball team until December 20.

The Chipley Tigers have a home game Tuesday night, which is the perfect opportunity to drop off a toy.