Community fixture Garett Valcourt steps into role as new local reporter

A familiar face is now helping bring news home to residents of Holmes and Washington counties. Kent Smith Group recently announced the addition of Bonifay resident Garett Valcourt to the news staff of the media company’s community publications, Washington County News and Holmes County Advertiser.

Valcourt served in the military for nearly eight years, an experience that arguably brings a strong sense of discipline and commitment to everything he does. A former Army veteran, he is also a loving husband and father of two, emphasizing the importance of family in his life.

Transitioning into civilian life, Garett has successfully established himself as a local business owner, showcasing his entrepreneurial skills and determination. 

Valcourt says his experience in the military has shaped his work ethic and ability to overcome challenges. Never one to shy away from any obstacle, he states he is determined to continue to bring the vision of the Kent Smith Group to fruition. Valcourt said he will utilize his uniquely bold perspective and storytelling abilities to inform and engage the community.

“My journey from military service to entrepreneurship and now journalism exemplifies my adaptability, passion for learning, and dedication to making a positive impact in his community,” Valcourt said.

Washington County News and Holmes County Advertiser Editor Collin Breaux said he is glad to have Valcourt onboard. 

“Garett is passionate and knowledgeable about the community, traits that will serve us well as we continue delving into the local coverage residents have come to know and respect from Kent Smith Group,” Breaux said.

Company owners Carol Kent and Adam Smith say they are excited to see Valcourt’s varied experience and community spirit serving in the newsroom.

“When Adam and I purchased the local newspapers in July 2023, we made a promise to our community that they would see a return to truly local coverage and community-oriented news,” said Publisher Carol Kent. “Adam and I agree Garett’s professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, and love for our community makes him the perfect addition to our company and its mission.”