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Chipley resident sought after fleeing traffic stop

CHIPLEY – A Chipley resident is at large and facing multiple charges after eluding Chipley police officers Thursday, April 15.
Police Chief Scott Thompson reports that an investigator with the Chipley Police Department conducted the traffic stop, and recognized the driver as 40-year-old Nyriah Allen-Hope of Chipley, who was knowingly driving on a suspended license.
Allen-Hope subsequently requested a uniformed officer. The investigator requested a uniform patrol officer at the traffic stop. The uniformed patrol officer made contact with Allen-Hope who after a request to exit the vehicle, locked the doors, rolled the window up, placed the vehicle in drive and began to drive off.
Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, when officers reported that Allen-Hope then swerved towards officer’s vehicle in an attempt to collide with their vehicle. Allen-Hope reportedly then began driving in a reckless manner, at high rates of speed through residential yards.
Allen-Hope disabled the vehicle by running into a ditch before exiting the vehicle and fleeing on foot. Officers were unable to apprehend Allen-Hope at the time of the incident. Nyriah Allen-Hope is currently being sought for charges resulting from this incident consisting of:
Driving while license suspended or revoked
Obstruction of Justice without violence
Fleeing and Eluding LEO with disregard to persons or property

Anyone with information regarding the location of the suspect in this incident is asked to contact the Chipley Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 850-638-TIPS.

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