2022 Primary Election results are in

Results are in for the Washington County Primary Elections with 33.54 percent of voters turning out.

The races included State Representative, two County Commission seats and two School Board seats.

Voters cast their ballots and chose Shane Abbott for State Representative District 5 with 3,159 votes, or  62.08 percent of the vote, while opponents Vance Coley and Clint Pate had 608 votes, or  11.95 percent, and 1,322 votes, or 25.98 percent, respectively.

Washinton County District 2 Commissioner Charles Kent and District 4 Commissioner Todd Abbott were both unseated by newcomers David Pettis in District 2 and Wesley Griffin for District 4.

Pettis garnered 3,052 votes, or 60.36 percent, and Kent took 2,004 votes, or 39.64 percent. Abbott pulled in 1,922 votes, or  37.85 percent , while Griffin garnered 3,156 votes, or 62.15 percent.

The race for School Board District 1 saw Cynthia “Cindy” Johnson Brown defeat Ashlynn Casey Marquez with 2,879, or 56.61 percent, of the votes against Marquez’s 2,207 votes, or 43.39 percent, making it the closest race in the election.

Cheryl Ann Williams will take School Board District 5 against opponent Jasper Carter. Williams garnered 3,069 votes, or 60.74 percent, while Carter pulled 1,984 votes, or 39.26 percent, of ballots cast.

Washington County Supervisor of Elections Carol Finch Rudd reports a voter turnout of 5,303 votes of the 15,809 eligible voters in the county, or 33.54 percent.

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