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A former substitute teacher at Chipley High School was alleged to let students vape in the classroom, according to an affidavit.

The incident report from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office states Cherise McCorvey, 20, vaped with children, according to student claims. 

McCorvey was charged with contributing to child delinquency, a misdemeanor, and has an arraignment scheduled for April 3.

Chipley High Principal Alicia Clemmons said the allegation was promptly investigated and McCorvey no longer works for the Washington County School District. 

A school resource deputy at Chipley High detailed the matter in the affidavit after speaking with several kids on campus.

“A student came to me about one of his substitute teachers. A student had said that Mrs. McCorvey had two students skipping class and were hanging out in class,” the affidavit said. “When we arrived at the classroom one of the students had his feet propped up against the door so one one could come in.”

The deputy and school officials entered the classroom after telling the student to move. A student hiding underneath a desk was found to be skipping.

The affidavit describes Mccorvey passing around a vape to students. One student stated “Mrs. McCorvey was really chill and was letting the kids in the class do what they wanted.” The affidavit further mentions a video was allegedly taken of McCorvey vaping in class around students. 

“(Name redacted) also said that Mrs. McCorvey had been adding kids on her Snapchat and that she messaged (name redacted) another student that goes to Chipley High School,” the affidavit said.

The messages were not said to be of a sexual nature.

McCorvey was said by one student to follow kids around after school and “act weird around them.”

“(Name redacted) went on to say that they normally hang out at Chipley Sonic and Mrs. McCorvey would get out of her car and try to talk to them,” the affidavit said.