Power-Packed Presents: FPL’s Energy-Efficient Holiday Gift Guide

Editor’s note: This is a paid advertorial from Florida Power & Light.

With the holiday shopping season upon us, now is the perfect time to find gifts for friends and family that bring joy and cost effectiveness to their lives. From stocking stuffers to wrapped presents, there is something for everyone, with the added benefit of helping them save both money and energy.

For the tech savvy: consider new gadgets that’ll help manage energy use. 

  • Smart thermostat: This gadget provides the most bang for your buck as it allows complete control of the cooling/heating system – the largest driver of higher energy bills. For each degree raised or lowered, one can save 3-5% on their monthly cooling or heating costs, respectively.
  • Virtual reality (VR) headset: Consider a VR headset for the gamers in your life. Serving as a wireless gaming and educational tool, a VR headset only uses energy when being charged. Plus, use it to experience FPL’s immersive House of Savings , an augmented reality, virtual experience that shows customers how to save money and energy at home.

For the TV buffs: some things are just better on the big screen, and the gift ideas below will help viewers get the most of their sports games and favorite series while saving energy and money.  

  • Energy-efficient smart TV: Surprise them with an energy-efficient smart TV that not only offers high-quality entertainment but also consumes less power. Look for a TV with an ENERGY STAR® certification as these are 25% more energy efficient compared to other models. 
  • Smart Power Strips: Plugging all entertainment devices into a power strip allows for them to be automatically powered off easily when not in use. Accidentally leaving on devices like gaming consoles, DVD players, or surround sound systems can cost a few hundred dollars a year

For the food enthusiast: keep the delicious meals coming with kitchen gadgets that make cooking a treat.

  • Slow cookers, air fryers, and toaster ovens: Consider smaller kitchen appliances for the cook in your life. These items help cook flavorful meals with minimal energy consumption as they use less energy than the oven and add less heat to the kitchen. For example, a toaster oven uses about one-half of the energy an oven does. 
  • Programmable Coffee Maker: A coffee maker with programmable features and auto-shutoff, allowing for scheduled brewing times and ensuring the coffee maker doesn’t stay on unnecessarily, saving energy.

With so many energy saving options out there, you can show your loved ones some extra thought by picking out gifts that will not only make them smile but also help reduce their energy use and their bill. For more tips and resources that can help save up to $30 on one’s monthly energy bill, visit