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Wild Root offers a little something for everyone


Whether you’re looking for tea blends, herbs, mineral stones, jewelry, or tarot cards, Wild Root Apothecary and Seed Shop in Chipley has what you’re looking for. 

The business at 831 Main Street opened this June and is co-owned by Crystal Abel and Michael Nowka. Abel is the shop’s herbalist and has been doing so for herself and her family for eight years. 

“We love the historical aspects of the Downtown Chipley area,” she said. 

Wild Root Apothecary and Seed Shop co-owners Crystal Abel and Michael Nowka are looking to help people with homesteading needs, including offering medicinal herbs. [COLLIN BREAUX | Washington County News]

The shop currently has over 200 herbs and around 80 tea blends. In fact, their slogans–which is displayed on cups for sale–is “We have a tea for that.” 

“We always have customers asking for a sleep aid,” Abel said.

Wild Root’s selection is to where the right herb or blend is a “science” for the customer’s body, she said. The store also has a retail side with home decorations and spiritual needs.

“There’s a lot of different cultures in here,” Abel said.

Wild Root Apothecary and Seed Shop offers a variety of products, from home decorations to jewelry to herbs and tea blends. [COLLIN BREAUX | Washington County News]

Antique items and oils are also on the shelves.

“Primarily, we like to help the community with homesteading,” Abel said.

Wild Roots helps people have apothecary–which is the mixing of herbs and other ingredients for health reasons–at home. The shop’s supplies can be bought in sample packs, which Abel said customers can usually turn into three or four cups.

The business is also working on starting a cosmetic line and offering eye creams and community classes so people can learn how to grow and harvest herbs–as well as what to then do with the herbs. 

“Everything’s natural in here,” Abel said. “Everything’s sourced very well.”

Another item you’ll find when walking into Wild Root is CBD lotion, which Abel said can be used to soothe aching joints. 

Sage and candles are popular items, she said.

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