‘Bringing back the homestead life’

As the number of modern conveniences increase, the way of life for the average American family tends to adapt to those conveniences, often causing traditional knowledge of self-reliance – such as creating and maintain one’s own food, medicinal and clothing sources – to fall by the wayside.

The owners of Pemberley Farm say their goal is to share knowledge of the “old ways” and self-sustainability in an effort to preserve what represents not only an art form, but also vital skill set.

Kelly and Gail Mount, along with two of their three children, started Pemberley Farm in 2004 as a 20-acre tract on Ben Road in the Wausau community. In 2018, the family expanded the farm to 40 acres.

The farm produces food and bath and body products from resources grown on-site. Soaps, scrubs, shower steamers, lotions, and baked goods are available for sale to the public.

The farm also offers classes on a variety of topics ranging from open fire cooking, medicinal herbs, candle making, bread baking, and canning.

“Skills that our forefathers took for granted are being lost every day,” said Gail Mount. “One of our goals is to share our knowledge and help others develop skills in the old ways of living. It isn’t about the money for us; we love to share our knowledge with others.”

The Mounts say their ultimate goal is to become self-sustaining at their homestead, and they are well on their way. 

The farm has many vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and livestock such as cows, rabbits, chickens, and ducks.

The multi-generational farm is also home to daughter Ashleigh, her husband John and their two children, as well as son Kelly, Jr., his wife Cathi and their two children.  Ashleigh makes the bath and body goods and tends to the rabbits, chickens, and quail. Kelly Jr. is the described as the survivalist in the family. He and Cathi sell limited survival components and make jams and jellies.

Gail Mount says each family member contributes to the farm in some way and works to “bring back the homestead life.” She also says they owe all they have to God.

“We are a family farm who above all else loves God,” she said. “We know that without him, none of this would be possible. Because of the skills that we have learned through our lives, we can now share those gifts with others.”

The farm will host a Spring Fling event for the community from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, May 14. The event will feature hayrides, fishing, games, a living history exhibit, and demonstrations of working a sawmill and food dehydrating. Admission is free; however, Mount encourages those in attendance to bring a non-perishable food item for donation to a local food pantry.

For more information, find the farm on Facebook or YouTube under “Pemberley Farm.” The farm is not open to the public; however, appointments are accepted. To make an appointment or place an order, send a Facebook message or call 850-596-1452.

Pemberley Farm is located at 1745 Ben Road in Chipley.