Caryville readvertising for USDA water project

CARYVILLE – When the Caryville Town Council met on April 13 Town Clerk Kirk Taylor advised the council of advertising for a re-bid for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant project that will replace the town’s water meters and a limited amount of water mains. The project was funded in the spring of 2020 for $490,000 which will also allow for the purchase of maintenance equipment, an acoustic leak detector, various office equipment and a new billing system for water and sewage. The need for re-bid stems from incomplete specifications in the original bid packet.  

 The due date for an application for a Community Development Block Grant has been pushed back due to the high volume of COVID related grant applications. The grant request is geared for the Community Center refurbishment.  

In other items, Elizabeth Baxley, who heads up the Flea Market Committee advised the council the market brought in $1,500 dollars from June to December of 2020 and $300 since February. Baxley requested the ability to have a two day sale on April 30 – May 1 as the original dates of April 10-11 were rained out. The council approved the request along with approving the sale to recur once a month in order to build business up at the market. Councilman Henry Chambers made a motion to give Baxley a $50 a month expense allowance for her work at the flea market, the council voted unanimously to approve the measure. 

Sealed bids on equipment disposal were opened with Ken Shirah coming in as the highest bidder with $250 for a 1994 Ford Van and a truck bed.  

The Caryville Town Council will meet again in special session at 6 pm on May 18.