WC Emergency Management advises on T.D. Fred

WASHINGTON COUNTY – Washington County Emergency Management released a Public Service Announcement this afternoon regarding Tropical Depression Fred and its possible effect on the area. 

WCEM states
as TD Fred moves toward the United States, a lot can change over the
next few days. The current forecast models take the system into the Gulf
of Mexi
co over the weekend before it approaches the northern Gulf Coast. The storm will likely strengthen as it moves into the warmer waters of the Gulf before making landfall sometime early next week as a possible Tropical Storm.

Emergency Management reminds the public to monitor reputable media outlets over the coming days and to have a plan to protect your family and property if there are negative impacts from the system.  

are no current plans to open shelters in Washington County. Staying in a
hotel or with family or friends is a good option if you do not feel
safe in your home. Should you ch
to shelter at home, WCEM recommends having enough non-perishable food
items and water to sustain everyone for five to seven days
, a battery-operated
radio, flashlights with fresh batteries, medications, wet wipes, can
opener, first aid kit, a full tank of gas in your vehicle and cash.
Cell phones should be fully charged and have appropriate vehicle phone chargers.

are available at most home supply stores. Sand is available at the
following locations: Ebro Fire Department, Greenhead Fire Department,
Orange H
ill Fire Department, Sunny Hills Fire Department and Vernon Fire Department.

The public is encouraged to sign up for free bad weather alerts at or by calling Washington County Emergency Management Office at (850) 638-6203 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.