HCHS football is bigger, faster this season

BONIFAY – Holmes County head football coach Jeff Lee says the Blue Devils have been working hard this offseason, rallying behind their motto, G.A.T.A., which stands for “get after them aggressively.”

“WeÂ’re tough. I think weÂ’re gonna be tough. We got stronger, we got bigger this year, we got faster itÂ’s always good when you got a little speed. Everyone is sleeping on us a little bit, but I think weÂ’re gonna have a good season,” Holmes County quarterback Colby Jones said. 

Part of that physical change can be attributed to a different practice plan. 

The team has been doing some early morning practices to start off fall camp with some weight room work at the start of them.

“WeÂ’ve changed our though process on practice and we started back in the spring and the result there was really good, the kids were fresh and you have to suck it up as a coach though and say itÂ’s not about me, itÂ’s about them,” Lee said. 

That change in practice schedule showed up during the spring game too. Even though 15 players were not able to play in it, the rest of the team still managed to shut out Vernon. 

“What itÂ’s done is build our depth, and we notice now, some of the guys who started that game are backups now, but their experience level they got and the reps they got, you canÂ’t trade that in, it was unbelievable in that game,” Lee said. 

With the depth of their team, the hard work and good attitude, Holmes County has the ingredients for a pretty good season and their goal for it is simple. 

“I just wanna play every game as hard as we can, I just wanna be somebody to compete with, I just donÂ’t wanna be pushed over,” Holmes County wide receiver and defensive back Jake Riley said.  

“Expect a lot of younger players to get a lot of playing time. We got a group. Expect some good games, a lot of good games, weÂ’re gonna GATA some. ThatÂ’s about it,” Holmes County left tackle Tyson Shores said. 

The Blue Devils take on North Bay Haven in week one of their season on August 27.