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MSBU mulls possible rate increase

– There have been improvements made to the Sunny Hills community over
the last few years and those are thanks in part to the Municipal
Services B
enefit Unit (MSBU).

The MSBU provides service enhancements beyond what services the county provides. The MSBU was initially founded in 2001 but didnÂ’t really gain the momentum needed until the Washington County Board of County Commissioners (WCBOCC) re-established
the MSBU Advisory Committee in 2017. Since then, major improvements
have been made throughout the community such as lighting along the
boulevard, the fountain at the entrance
working at full capacity again and roads being repaved. In 2020, four miles of roads were repaved and just under three miles are set to be repaved in 2021.

funding for these projects come straight from MSBU funds that are
collected from property owners. Currently, the assessment for lots that
sit on a paved
road pay $31.91 annually. A recent meeting of WCBOCC was held for the consideration of a preliminary rate resolution which would allow for a five percent increase, if approved.

The process to raise the rate is a lengthy one, the first step was taken when informational letters were sent out to property owners concerning
the increase. A resolution will have to be advertised and then a public
hearing held on the matter. Once those are completed, WCBOCC will meet
again to finalize the increase.

County Administrator Jeff Massey says the increase is needed to continue improvements to the community.  

“We would like to slowly start increasing the rate by five percent a year,” said Massey. “There has not been in increase in rates for the past 12 years, this increase is to help keep up with the increased paving costs.” 

Massey says they have gotten a lot of positive feedback from residents about the improvements that have been
made thus far. “These improvements have been a very positive thing,”
said Massey. “Paving alone helps to increase property values

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