Washington County Sheriff’s Office donates to ARC and Council on Aging

Washington County Sheriff Kevin Crews made a $1,000 donation each to the ARC and Washington County Council on Aging this week, thanks to proceeds from the agency’s fundraising efforts throughout the year. 

Sheriff Crews says the rodeo, now in its third year, has helped boost WCSO’s community initiatives.

“We brought in the rodeo as a fundraiser,” said Sheriff Crews. “We do it not only  to provide an event locally here in Washington County, because we have people here who compete in or enjoy rodeos; we also do it to help give back to those in need.”

“The ARC and Council on Aging do important work in our community, and we want to support that work. If there weren’t here doing what they do, there would be a lot more unmet needs in our county.”

Sheriff Crews went on to stress that the rodeo is made possible through the support of both its sponsors and the community.

“It’s not just the Washington County Sheriff’s Office,” he said. “There is no way that rodeo or the funds it raises would be possible without our county and the surrounding counties supporting the event.”

In addition to enabling donations to local agencies like the ARC and Council on Aging, the rodeo also helps fund other community efforts, such as the sheriff’s office biggest project, the Christmas toy drive.