Chipley announces Operation Clean Up dates

CHIPLEY – The City of Chipley will be hosting Operation Clean Up during the month of April in hopes of encouraging citizens to keep the city clean. 

Code Enforcement will be doing sweeps in the community looking for code violations and issuing citations if necessary. The most common violations include overgrown property, junk (such as inoperable vehicles, boats, appliances and machinery), garbage, scrap metal, debris, litter and standard numbering for E-911 addressing. 

The City will be placing dumpsters at key locations in each ward as well as providing curbside pickup.  

Residents north of the railroad will have items picked up on the following dates: 

April 4 and 5 – Household Furnishings such as bedding, box springs, tables, sofas, chairs and toys 

April 11 and 12-White Goods such as appliances, microwaves, hot water heaters and air conditioners 

April 18 and 19 – Scrap Metal such as bicycles, lawn mowers, copper, aluminum and iron 

April 29 – Electronics such as televisions, radios and computers 

Residents south of the railroad will have items picked up the following dates: 

April 6 and 8 – Household Furnishings 

April 13 and 15 – White Goods 

April 20 and 22 – Scrap Metal 

April 29 – Electronics 

All of the aforementioned objects must be placed curbside or at selected dumpster sites. The City also advises Household, White Goods and Scrap Metal cannot be mixed. Construction debris, hazardous waste and tires will also not be picked up at this time. 


Dumpsters will be located at the following locations: 

761 Main St. (Southeast corner of 77 & Coggin Ave.)  

1286 Morris Ave. 

1350 Westbourne Ave. (Old KMS kindergarten wing) 

697 Pecan Street
Should there be any questions or concerns, residents are urged to call Public Works at 850-638-6346.