2022 Florida General Election: Over 80 percent of Washington County voted red

The 2022 General Election results are in. Republican candidates captured the support of over 80 percent of Washington County voters in each statewide race.

Senator Marco Rubio took 7,640 votes, or 83.97 percent, in the race for United States Senator. Democratic candidate Val Demings received 1,345, or 14.78 percent, of the vote.

Congressman Neal Dunn captured 7,674 votes, or 84.47 percent, in the race for Representative in Congress District 2. A total of 1,411 voters, or 15.53 percent, of Washington voters supported Democratic candidate Al Lawson.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Lieutenant Gov. Jeanette Nunez received 7,785, or 85.32 percent, of the vote. Democratic candidates Charlie Crist and Karla Hernandez took 1,285 votes, or 14.08 percent, of Washington votes.

Attorney General Ashley Moody took 7,807 votes, or 86.01 percent. Democratic candidate Aramis Ayala pulled 1,270 votes, or 13.99 percent.

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis captured 7,814 votes, or 86.16 percent. Democrat Adam Hattersley totaled 1,255 votes, or 13.84 percent.

Wilton Simpson captured 7,678, or 84.93 percent, of the vote to be FloridaÂ’s next Commissioner of Agriculture. Democratic candidate Naomi Blemur received 1,362, or 15.07 percent, of the vote.

Jay Trumbull took 7,692 votes, or 85.15 percent, of the vote for State Senator District 2. Democratic candidate Carolynn Zonia took 1,342 votes, or 14.85 percent.