Many use the phrase, “New year, new me,†but is it really a new you? Or rather an improved you?
I’ve used the phrase multiple times throughout my life but what I have come to discover is that I have not, in fact, become a new me. I have instead become a better version of who I already was.
Learning is part of growing as a person and who couldn’t stand to learn something new? Not just a new trade, or a new skill; what about learning how to be more kind, giving, selfless, accepting, forgiving and loving? These are traits that have been pushed to the wayside as years pass. We live in a society where it’s all about “self,†being politically correct and finding folks taking offense to any and everything that goes against what they personally believe.
We as people need to do and be better. We need to remember that differing opinions on topics including politics, religion, sexual orientation, race and everything in between are just that, opinions.
Opinions deal with feelings, and feelings are not facts. Differences are what keep things interesting, meaning wouldn’t the world be boring if we all felt and believed all the same things? I, personally, love a good debate but what I cannot abide is someone who cannot see past their own beliefs and feelings to understand or even respect those of another. We all want respect and to be heard; that is human nature.
In times like this, we need to remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.†Take the time to listen to someone with a differing view than your own, not to change your mind but to broaden your perspective and knowledge on the subject.
While you’re at it, be kind. Kindness is the gift that warms our hearts and makes our world glow just a bit brighter. We all need kindness in our lives.
Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone committed to one random act of kindness daily. Kindness begets kindness. I believe when kindness grows, becoming selfless, giving, accepting, forgiving and loving are sure to follow.
The fact is, things will not change if we as people do not change first. Mahatma Gandhi said it best when he said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.â€
So instead of New Year’s resolutions, come to New Year’s realizations.