As crime rages in NYC, Manhattan DA pursues paperwork case against Trump

By Ron Hart | Guest Columnist

In a sad day for our country, Donald Trump was forced to come to New York City to face bookkeeping charges dating back to a purported incident in 2009. It was a paperwork entry at his company that he did not do. He was charged with 34 meaningless crimes. To make things worse, his hair might have to face separate charges. 

All these dug-up and manufactured “crimes†are “pathetically weak,†in the words of former Attorney General Bill Barr, who is no fan of Trump. 

These types of partisan, politically-targeted prosecutions are not what we, the United States, are supposed to be about. There is zero chance this political hack, “Fat Alvin,†would pursue this case if he was not trying to hurt Donald Trump. For him to arrogantly say the prosecution is not political tells us how little he thinks of us, and how much faith he has that the left-wing media will cover for him. If another country’s president had his main political opponent arrested, the U.S. would be concerned. 

No thoughtful American could be proud of what has happened. We are supposed to settle our political differences at the ballot box, not by manipulating the justice system. There was so much media trying to capture the contrived spectacle of Donald Trump forced to be back in New York. The DA spent tens of millions of New York City tax dollars (some say $200 million in all) for extra police protection, etc. to produce this spectacle — all over a $130,000 accounting entry? Really? Think about that; this is how your government works for you! 

And do not use the focus groups-tested, DNC talking point, weasel words like “No person is above the law.†Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer: You guys should be ashamed. 

I thought the most appropriate image of the day was Trump getting into his limo to go to the arraignment with the store sign for Banana Republic in the background. 

It is also lamentable how Democrats smirk and smile with glee while hurting Trump and his family — over nothing. There are no victims in this case. There are no crimes. This is just an attempt to bolster Trump in the crowded primary to hurt him with Independents so he will not win the general election, knowing full well Ron DeSantis could win the general election against Biden or a Dem to be named later. 

Trump is reveling in this. He loves to bicker. I am no legal scholar, but from what I know about the petulant behavior of Donald Trump, I think the first mistake the prosecutor made was trying him as an adult. 

This “hot case†they are pursuing against Trump stems from a 2006 celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. The main Ta-hoe there was Stormy, who worked the course like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. 

Stormy and Trump deny the dalliance. I managed money for wealthy and high-profile folks for 35 years, and there were very few of my clients who did not get shaken down at least once. It is the world we live in. If you are rich and/or high profile, it happens; you have a target on your back. And with the TMZ media we have, anyone alleging anything gets their “fifteen minutes of fame.†It is cheaper to pay them off than to risk the extortion threat of what they would say about you publicly. What Trump did was no worse or better than what Bill Clinton did with Paula Jones. Clinton settled for $800,000+, and Trump $130,000. 

The DA might try to go back and charge Trump with recording Major League baseball games without the express written consent of someone. Charging Trump with crimes 3 wives ago shows you how sad and evil the Democrats are. 

All the Democrat chattering class are giddy with this indictment and are egging on the DA. Alvin Bragg had best not blow the big one here, which is how Stormy started this whole thing. 

This all helps deflect the attention away from the disaster that is the Biden administration. Biden has not said he will run again, but folks have to ask themselves: “With rampant crime, DAs settling political scores, inflation soaring, the disaster at our borders, are you better off now than you were four indictments ago?†The country remains split. Fifty percent of the country think Biden is an awful president, the other 50 percent think he is a horrible president. 

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at [email protected] or @RonaldHart on Twitter.