Resident confronts BOCC about alleged commissioner misconduct

Commissioner Wesley Griffin

In a heated display of emotion at the Washington County Board of County Commissioners meeting, Raymond and Beth Sheffield expressed their ire with Commissioner Wesley Griffin after an alleged August 6 incident between Griffin and their son at Cypress Springs.


The Sheffields claim that Griffin and his wife, along with several friends and family, harassed their son and his friends during an outing at the springs to the point their son had to leave.


Beth Sheffield began by speaking about the growth of tourism on Holmes Creek, stating “tourists aren’t the problem; drinking is.â€


Sheffield went on to give her account of what happened at the springs, according to her son, who is identified in a Washington County Sheriff’s Office report about the incident as 19-year-old Raymond Nicholas Sheffield.


Sheffield addressed commissioners and the audience, alleging her son and his friends were approached and harassed by Commissioner Griffin and his companions, including being told his sport of choice was an [expletive] sport. She went on to say other unprofessional behavior has gone unchecked, referencing a viral TikTok video that depicted Griffin dancing to a sexually explicit song with the caption “Comish do as he wish.â€


“This is unacceptable behavior by our own county commissioner and his wife and friends,†said Sheffield. “I had many videos sent to me of Mr. Griffin cursing people to get the ‘F outta his way’ as he came into the springs, dancing inappropriately, and shot-gunning beers. This is unacceptable behavior for a county commissioner.†“You asked for this position and was elected into it,†she continued. “You are supposed to represent this county to the best of your ability. From what I have seen over the last week and a half, you are not capable of that … who will hold Wesley Griffin accountable for his drunken rage that day? Is this who you really want representing our county, putting our very own at risk?â€


According to a nearly 20-page report, WCSO did respond to a disturbance call regarding an incident at the springs; however, no one is currently charged in the case. Neither Sheffield nor the Griffins were listed as being directly involved in the only physical altercation suggested to have taken place by the report’s narrative; however, numerous verbal interactions were detailed by both sides throughout the report.


Deputies interviewed 12 people about the incident, including Sheffield and the Griffins, noting at the end of the report, “After collecting all statements, both sides have conflicting stories and details.†The case was forwarded to the State Attorney’s office for review.


The Griffins could not comment on the incident at the time of this story.