The Washington County School Board adopted the millage rate and approved the district’s budget for the 2023-24 school year in the final budget hearing on Monday, September 11. 

The Required Local Effort (RLE) rolled-back rate is 3.2290. This is the millage rate that will generate the same revenue as the prior year when applied to the current year’s adjusted taxable value. The proposed millage rate, which is the minimum rate allowed to be levied in order to participate in state grant funding, is greater than the rolled-back rate.

The board adopted the RLE millage rate of 3.6980, Basic Discretionary Millage rate of 0.7480, and Capital Outlay millage of 1.1500, for a total millage of 5.1270. The board also adopted a final budget of $143,762,752.08.

Anticipated revenues include approximately $26 million from state sources and $33 million from local sources. Appropriations and other funding sources total approximately $46.5 million.

Expenditures include about $23.1 million to be paid out for instruction and $2 million in student support services.