Sheriff’s offices, Townsend Building Supply contribute to Christmas toy donations

Over 160 wooden toys have been donated by the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Holmes Correctional Institution, Holmes County Sheriff's Office, and local business Townsend Building Supply. The toys will be given away by the sheriff’s offices. [CONTRIBUTED]

Holmes Correctional Institution, Holmes County Sheriff’s Office, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and local business Townsend Building Supply were recently recognized by the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) for giving back to the community. 

Together, they have donated over 160 wooden toys to be given away during this holiday season, FDC said in a news release.

Inmates used donated wood from Townsend Supply to cut, sand, and paint toys for families in Holmes and Washington Counties, with help from Holmes Correctional Institution’s Officer J. White.

“At Holmes Correctional Institution, we take great pride in collaborating with local sheriffs and business owners. We believe that this collaborative effort has a lasting and positive impact on our community,” Holmes Correctional Institution Warden Robert Flores said in a prepared statement.

The local sheriffs will distribute the toys donated, the FDC news release said.