Jury: Donofrio ‘not guilty’ of child sex crimes

A former Washington County resident says he feels “God’s will prevailed” when he was found not guilty of two counts of sexual assault on a minor.

Daniel Joseph Donofrio, III, was arrested on those charges July 26, 2023. He was acquitted Jan. 17 after a Washington County jury took a little under an hour to deliberate. Donofrio, who has since relocated, told Washington County News that he is ready to “move past the nightmare and clear his name.”

“I’m so glad this is over,” said Donofrio. “I just pray everyone will go back to seeing me the way they did before the allegations surfaced. I thank those that stood by me who really know me. I believe God has a plan and will somehow use all this for good.”

Washington County News reached out to the family of the minor for comment on the verdict. A family spokesperson declined to comment on the case or verdict, stating the minor involved had “been through enough” without reliving the details of the case.

“She is just trying to move forward from a system that failed her,” they said.