Washington County School District Superintendent incumbent Joe Taylor sums up his platform as “experience, excellence, ethics.”

“Those qualities defined my campaign in 2012 and as I seek reelection in 2024, I am running on that same platform,” he said.

Taylor’s experience in 2012 included his service as a veteran of the United States Army, being a small business owner, and having gained varied governmental experience in his professional career.

“I served on the Washington County Planning Commission for 10 years, including three years as chairperson, and enjoyed membership in civic groups,” he said. “My 12 years of experience as a district staff member for the Washington County School District is foundational in my preparation for serving as Superintendent of Washington County Schools. My passion for our county and school system was and still is the driving force behind my desire to continue being the superintendent.” 

He said his experience today reflects 12 years as superintendent, “leading in some of the most challenging and tumultuous times our county, families, and schools have ever seen.”

“During the last 12 years, our district’s priority has been for every student to experience the best education possible. We created the WAVE school for our students, working to update all facilities to comply with the American Disabilities Act, and maintained state and national accreditations,” Taylor said. “We are currently constructing our new voluntary pre-kindergarten center to be ready for use in August 2024.”

The challenges the District faced with COVID-19 and our response, the innovated learning environment, “cannot be overstated,” according to Taylor. 

“All of this required involvement from every level of government as well as critical community support within Washington County,” he said.

Taylor has maintained the Florida Superintendent Special Certification Program during his tenure as superintendent. He is currently on the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS) Board of Directors and on the Board of Directors for the Florida School Labor Relations Service and serves on the Board of Directors for the Early Learning Coalition. 

“I continue to serve as chairperson for the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium,” Taylor said. “I remain deeply thankful for our civic groups. I recognize the importance of their involvement with our school district. 

Taylor points to the saying, “Every job is a self-portrait of those who did it.”

“My goal in 2012 was to have excellence as our district’s autograph; that remains true today. The Washington County School District has a responsibility to our students, schools, employees, and the community to provide Excellence,” he said. “During my time as superintendent, I have never lost sight of that, and we will continue to provide an Experience of Excellence for our students, families, employees, and community.”

Taylor said no part of his platform is more important than “ethics.”

“I take the ethics and values I live and operate by very seriously. I continue to believe public servants must be held to high standards. I have a responsibility to the Washington County School District and to all of Washington County to be transparent, to see value in all, and to respond to each and every concern, he said. “I realize that if you have a concern or an issue as a student’s caregiver, your student matters most to you when you seek answers.”

When people trust the District with what matters most to them, they will not be “wrestling with a faceless bureaucracy that views you as someone outside the system,” Taylor said.

“You will be heard, respected, and valued,” he said.

As people adjust to the changing educational environment, the challenges faced by the District and every caregiver will serve to strengthen our experience and further solidify our commitment to excellence, Taylor said.

“Together we will face the Challenges with the full support of the Washington County School District,” he said. “Thank you for all you have allowed me to do as superintendent for the last twelve years. I ask for your favorable consideration as I seek reelection as the superintendent of schools for Washington County. My ‘Experience, Excellence, Ethics’ platform remains my promise to you and all of Washington County.”