Couple pass through Chipley, Bonifay during national bike ride to raise money for breast cancer research

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Al and Terry Reszel recently traveled through Holmes and Washington counties when going down Highway 90 during a long trek across the United States as part of a campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer and funds to help fight the malady.

Al has embarked on a 4,1000-mile bicycle ride from down south in the Florida Keys to the Midwest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife, Terry–a breast cancer survivor–traveling in tow by car. Their ambitious voyage took them through Chipley and Bonifay on April 3-4.

Al has done other fundraising rides in years past. The journey is called Pink Pedals 4 a Cure.

“We started doing these rides in 2016. This is our seventh ride across the country,” Al said. “After she got through her recovery in 2010, in 2015 we decided we wanted to work to help find a cure. We hooked up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and so we ride for them.”

Al and Terry Reszel have been traveling through the United States as part of a national bike ride raising funds and awareness for breast cancer treatment. Terry, who is married to Al, is a breast cancer survivor. Their trek took them through Chipley and Bonifay. [COLLIN BREAUX | The News] 

By the time the Reszels were in Chipley, it was their 12th day in Florida. That day was the latest one he started due to rain. 

“The ride’s been going well,” Al said. “The first day (on March 23) was all rain out of Key West. It was terrible.”

After getting out of Florida, the couple planned to head to Louisiana and then north. Over the entire course of the entire ride, Al will ride through 12 states and two countries, a news release said. Canada will be the second country.

The Reszels plan to arrive in Minnesota by Mother’s Day, May 12. 

“Like last year, Al and Terry Reszel have decided to end the 2024 ride in their home state of Minnesota, allowing them the opportunity to share the culmination of the 2024 ride and tremendous effort with their family and friends in the region,” the news release said.

Al said every day “is hard” since he averages approximately 86 miles a day.

“I’m 65 years old,” he said.

Breakthroughs in breast cancer treatment, research, or diagnosis comes from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Al said.

“It makes us feel good that we’re out here raising money,” he said. “There’s over $55,000 we’ve raised for them. We’re spreading the word about the BCRF.”

Terry said she is getting used to the rides and proud of her husband.

“He always says he can’t do research but he can ride a bike,” she said. “He just keeps doing it. We talk to so many people. We go through small town America and everyone’s got a story. Everyone knows someone. They just want to talk too and tell what they have been dealing with.”

Regarding her personal experience with breast cancer, Terry said her cousin died on her 49th birthday after not getting a mammogram.

“I was faithful with mine,” Terry said. “I had a lot of things along the way building up to it.”

Terry had surgery and has lived to spend time with her grandkids. During the rides, she spends time calling around hotels so the two have a place to stay at night. However, there are occasional nights where the couple has to sleep in their car. 

“I couldn’t do the rides without her,” Al said. 

Visit the Pink Pedals 4 a Cure page on Facebook to donate and for updates and more information. 

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