Chipley police arrest felon who allegedly had sawed-off shotgun

A report of a disturbance at Haywood Drive led to a man being arrested for allegedly having a firearm despite being a convicted felon.

Robert Deric Collins was given several charges by the Chipley Police Department, including the firearm charge and possession of methamphetamine, after the CPD responded to a call on the evening of March 31.

“Upon arriving at the scene, officers swiftly located Collins in the garage area. Complainants at the scene informed officers that the firearm in question was situated in a vehicle parked in the driveway, identified as belonging to Collins,” a news release said. “Officers observed, in plain view, a gun case resting on the front seat of Collins’ vehicle. Upon inspection of the case, officers discovered a pump shotgun with both its barrel and stock visibly altered.”

Collins was later found to be a convicted felon and with drugs after a pat-down search.