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Joe Biden continues to wreck our world

The world is nothing but murders, massacres, and the threat of war. It’s gotten so bad, you wake up and ask, “Who died overnight?†Or “Whose rockets and bombs hit who this time?†I’ll go out on a limb here and blame most of the world’s turmoil and tragedy on President Biden and his handlers….


Joe and Tony’s door-to-door vaccine drive

Knock knock. “WhoÂ’s there?” “Tony and Joe.” “Tony and Joe who?” “WeÂ’re with the government and weÂ’re here to help.” “Get off my property! My father said those were the nine most terrifying words in the English language.” “Come on, man! Open your damn front door.” “OK. But first take off your masks so I…

Taking a knee against China

China is claiming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “full of lies and disinformation.” ThatÂ’s not necessarily untrue most of the time. But in this case Pelosi is being blasted by Communist ChinaÂ’s loudest mouthpieces because sheÂ’s actually done the right thing – almost. To protest ChinaÂ’s long list of serious human rights violations, which is…


Skipping the Oscars, bailing on Biden

ItÂ’s been a rough week for conservatives, Republicans and all Americans. The torture started Sunday evening with the Academy Awards ceremony, which sounded like it was produced by the AOC/Stacey Abrams wing of the Democrat Party. I say “sounded,” because I didnÂ’t actually waste three hours of my life watching Hollywood millionaires patting themselves on…