Former Vernon Middle School Student Tayelor Spears writes book of opinions in Spears Makes Her Point

VERNON – Kindle Direct Publishing launches a new book, called Spears Makes Her Point, written by teenager Tayelor Spears. It features 22 packed articles with a range of topics that give you a sneak peek into the mind of an African American teenage girl. 

Tayelor was raised by two educators, including an ordained minister who intentionally positioned her around different demographics her entire life to make her well rounded.  

Spears talks about real issues teenagers face, including sex, drugs, bullying, and peer pressure. Some of the titles covered in the book are controversial and question what her parents have taught her and what she has learned in church. One article is title Whitest Black Person You Know, where Tayelor talks about growing up around Caucasians and how it shaped her and helped her navigate through high school. Another controversial topic is Church Bells and Rainbows, where she questions the churches approach and response to homosexuality. Other light hearted topics include articles about her family and friends. 

The book will be available for pre order at, and on December first will be availabe on Amazon, and can be ordered anywhere books are sold. 

In a recent social media post Tayelor said, “I love myself, I love who I am, and I know who I am.” This comes across in her writings. 

As a member of Beta Club at Vernon Middle School in sixth grade, she placed third in a state wide writing contest. The first and second place winners were eighth-graders. This accomplishment gave her confidence in her writing, and she started writing fan fiction articles online. Her post received over 100,000 views. Her father encouraged her to follow in his footsteps and write a book. 

Years later, her father needed her to fill in for him on his weekly article Spears Makes His Point, which was published online and in several newspapers. Tayelor’s article was titled Spears Makes Her Point and received raved reviews. 

Spears will have several book signing engagements in the coming months to promote literacy and encourage adolescent authors. 

This article originally appeared on Washington County News: Former Vernon Middle School Student Tayelor Spears writes book of opinions in Spears Makes Her Point