VERNON- The Vernon Historical Society met on Veterans Day 2020 at the Hard Labor Creek Church and Cemetery. Members cleaned the pews and removed dust, cobwebs, and trash.

Along with cleaning, members discussed what actions need to be taken to protect the building from further deterioration caused by time and the elements. The building suffered damage in 2018 due to a felled tree from Hurricane Michael winds. The roof was repaired, but structural damage needs correction to protect the building’s stability. The Society will coordinate and work with the Whittington family in hopes of ensuring future generations’ enjoyment of the church.

Vernon Historical Society members Tommy Hardy,
Linda Wells, Lynda Waller, and guest Louise Lane work
at cleaning the interior of the Hard Labor Church.

A Vernon Historical Society member puts the
finishing touch on one of the windows of the
Hard Labor Church.

The Vernon Historical Society and Museum formed in 1998 for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and displaying artifacts, photographs and documents relative to the history of Vernon and the surrounding communities. The best way to check out the museum is with a visit to the facility located within Vernon City Hall located at Yellow Jacket Drive (formerly Vernon High School). The museum is open each Wednesday from 10AM – 2PM (except holidays) and is staffed by volunteers from the Vernon Historical Society members. There is no fee for entry into the museum as the society operates solely on membership dues and donations.

This article originally appeared on Washington County News: VERNON HISTORICAL SOCIETY MEETS AT HARD LABOR CREEK CHURCH