Garden Club plants trees in recognition of Arbor Day

Chipley Garden Club recognized Florida Arbor Day in January by planting several trees on the green at the Washington County Historical Society/Farmers Market.

Two large East Palatka Hollies replaced two crepe myrtles, which despite all effort to save them, died due to hurricanes Michael and Sally. When the hollies mature at about 25-30 feet tall and 12-15 feet wide, they will provide a nice shade behind the gazebo.

“We believe these two hollies are a beautiful addition to the green. They are evergreen and have bright red-orange berries which attract birds and butterflies,” said First Vice President Gail Exum. “The garden club plans to continue efforts to populate the green with additional trees and landscaping in the future.”

Although the Chipley Garden Club has not resumed the regular monthly meetings, behind the scenes committees meet and are making plans for the future.

If you are interested in learning about garden club activities, please call President Debbie Mitchell at 638-0536.

This article originally appeared on Washington County News: Garden Club plants trees in recognition of Arbor Day