Wyatt returns as editor of The News, Times-Advertiser

A familiar face has returned to serve as Editor of the Holmes County Times-Advertiser and Washington County News.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Carol Wyatt back home as Editor of the News and Times-Advertiser,” said Group Publisher Nicole Barefield.

These two weeklies, along with The (Port St. Joe) Star and the Apalachicola Times, were recently purchased from Gannett Media Corp. by Neves Media Publishing, based out of Bay County.

“Carol is already recognized as an accomplished writer and journalist who understands the importance of educating and informing our print and digital audiences about the news and issues that impact their daily lives,” said Barefield.

“She’s also a home-grown local who is passionate about telling the stories and chronicling the activities and milestones of the communities we serve,” Barefield added.

Carol Kent Wyatt reprises the role as Editor of two newspapers this week, a position she previously served from 2014 to 2018, when she left to serve as Public Information Officer for the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office.

During her previous tenure, Wyatt earned a reputation for timely, accurate local stories which reflected not only current events, but also the spirit of the communities. She states that comprehensive coverage is exactly what readers can expect.

“I am excited to partner with Publisher Nicole Barefield and Neves Media Publishing in this shared goal to provide Holmes and Washington counties with the news, sports, and features that truly reflect these counties,” said Wyatt.

“As Neves Media Publishing re-establishes the role of these local, community newspapers, you be assured Carol will be an advocate for bringing the local news back home to you,” Barefield said.

This article originally appeared on Washington County News: Wyatt returns as editor of The News, Times-Advertiser