Washington County Sheriff’s Office launches new free app

Washington County Sheriff’s Office has launched a new app geared at enhancing the community’s access to information about activity within the sheriff’s office, as well as within their own neighborhood.

Aptly named “Washington County Sheriff’s Office”, the app can be downloaded free from Google Play or the Apple Store.

In addition to finding information such as current arrests, sex offenders, and the county’s “most wanted” list, users will also be able to submit anonymous tips, make a records request, and find other resources. The app will also push out real-time alerts regarding active situations, as well as news and messages from Sheriff Kevin Crews to help inform and educate the public about various topics relevant to Washington County.

“As technology changes, so does the opportunity to add new methods of serving our residents,” said Sheriff Crews. “This app will offer a faster way for residents to get information and to keep them informed and connected to their sheriff’s office.”

This article originally appeared on Washington County News: Washington County Sheriff’s Office launches new free app