Vernon looks to move late payment dates

VERNON – Vernon City Council is looking into moving the date for late payments for those who pay their city bill online. Council members discussed the issue when the board met in a workshop Monday, April 5.

It can take 36-48 hours for the city to receive payment from the third party vendor used to process online payments, causing customers who pay on the 15th – the date payments are due – to incur late fees. Late fees begin accruing on the 16th of each month. Moving the date when late fees begin will aid in helping reduce the fees caused by the delay from the third party processing. 

In other business, the council tasked City Clerk Tracey Walker with researching the cost of special event insurance after a request to have a farmers market at the City Hall parking lot. Council members say they want to ensure the city is protected from liability for events held on city property.

Three sealed bids were opened concerning mowing and upkeep of the cemetery. Walker will contact each bidder to ensure each included all points made in the request. Two bids came in much lower than the third, which prompted the council’s need for verification. The issue will be addressed again when the council meets in regular session Monday, April 19.

The clerk will also research estimates to painting inside of City Hall, as well as to replace the carpet in the council chambers, which was damaged in the 2013 flood. The room was closed for several years but was reopened when the pandemic hit, and the need for extra space was brought to the forefront. Council members hope to  use CARE funding to have the sound system replaced in council chambers as the current one does not suffice in the larger chambers. 

The council also discussed a contract with DEX Imaging in Panama City for a new copy machine. The contract includes maintenance and ink on the machine at $88.05 a month, which will come out of the general fund.