Chipley addresses rising pipe costs for sprayfield project

CHIPLEY – The City of Chipley held an emergency meeting Monday, April 19, to address the need for a change request on behalf of North Florida Construction, the low bidder on the new sprayfield project. 

The measure came after the company voiced concerns about the skyrocketing cost of new pipe materials as the City awaits approval of the final funding agreement from Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which is funding the project.

In all, the pipe vendorÂ’s supply estimate now stands at approximately $784,000 more than their original quote, a quote they say they can no longer honor due to the rapidly rising cost of materials. 

Project Manager Jamie Miller addressed the council, which accepted a suggestion that North Florida Construction be contracted under the current low bid price of $9,583,444 – which factored in the pipe vendor’s original quote – with the understanding that the company will continue to negotiate with pipe suppliers and manufacturers.

“The potential for an adjustment for material increase may still be applicable; however, we would assume a majority of the risk and limit the amount requested to a ceiling of $250,000,” Miller said.

The City voted unanimously to approve to approve the measure under those terms.