Sheriff Tate, Sheriff Crews meet with Governor about fighting drug epidemic

TALLAHASSEE – Holmes County Sheriff John Tate and Washington County Sheriff Kevin Crews, along with other Florida sheriffs, met with Governor Ron DeSantis at the Capitol Thursday, May 27, to discuss the methamphetamine epidemic which continues to plague the state’s rural counties.
The meeting focused on funding for rehabilitation programs, with Gov. DeSantis pledging to work with his staff to find ways to support those efforts.
Sheriff Tate says he is pleased that Governor DeSantis understands the value of helping those struggling with addiction find the path to lasting recovery.
“There’s more to fighting the drug epidemic in our community than putting those who sell them in jail,” said Sheriff Tate. “There are those who are in a fight of their own – the one against addiction. We need to ensure rehabilitative programs are easily accessible to help them win that fight. I appreciate Governor DeSantis’ commitment to helping us make that happen.”

Sheriff Crews said securing more funding for rehabilitation and combatting the sale of drugs is a step in the right direction.

“I made a commitment to the residents of Washington County to attack the drug problem in our community,” said Sheriff Crews. “I appreciate the Governor’s pledge to support that effort.”

The Governor also plans to bolster funding and resources for investigations and other law enforcement actions associated with combating the sale of illegal drugs.