Preparing your technology to weather the storm

As we face hurricane season once again, it is a good time to take a few minutes and make sure your home and office computer technology is ready to weather any potential storm. 

Data backups are a vital practice year-round and choosing the right data backup is just as important as having one.  Having a local backup for quick recovery is great but streaming the data to the cloud provides the most protection.  

Use the 3-2-1 rule:  

THREE – Create 3 Copies of your data (1 primary and 2 backups)

TWO – Store your copies in at least two types of storage media (local, network, removable hard drive)

ONE – Store one of these copies off-site, in the cloud.   Whether the computer is compromised from a hurricane, electrical surge, or even a fire; your important documents and files are protected. 

Make digital versions of all your important documents. 

Having your will, bank records, insurance policies scanned and stored in the cloud makes it easy to get to after a storm. 

If you use a digital doorbell like Nest or Ring, or have cameras from these vendors, consider their 30-day cloud based backup. You may lose data stored locally if a major storm causes loss of power, but these cloud storage solutions can provide insurance companies and adjusters information about the conditions to your property during the storm. 

As a storm approaches, power down computers, move them off of the floor, and cover them with tarps or plastic sheeting.

Taking a few minutes to plan before the stress or a storm approaches will help to ensure that your home and office are ready to recover after it passes.