Local business honors U.S. military killed in Afghanistan

CHIPLEY – 13 cups sit atop a bureau at Coastal Nutrition in Chipley, silent sentinels to honor the 13 U.S. service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice on August 26 when they were killed in the Kabul airport attack in Afghanistan.

The cups, filled with a tea flavor called “Freedom Tea,” form a v-shape around the names and photos of each service member. 

Shop co-owner Sierra Prather said the staff just wanted to do something to honor the fallen soldiers.

“This is a small thing we can do to show our support for  the soldiers and their families,” she said.

The local shop joins businesses all over the country who have erected similar places of honor by setting aside a table and leaving items ranging from full place settings to simple drinks.

But while the manner of the display may vary, the theme remains the same: Remembrance.

“We just want to be sure everyone remembers them,” said Prather.

The soldiers – 11 men and two women – ranged in ages from 20 to 31 and included an Army service member, a Navy service member, and 11 Marines,

More than 100 Afghans were also killed in the attack.