Chipley woman finds biological father via ancestry kit

CHIPLEY— A Chipley woman was shocked to find out the man she thought was her father, was not biologically related.

After taking a DNA test, Ashley Deal saw many unknown matches, which led to her discovering a side of her family tree she never knew existed.

“It was really scary at first too because I didn’t know if he was alive, or if he wanted anything to do with me,” said Deal.

Deal completed an ancestry kit back in December, and when she got the results, immediately she ordered another, to make sure it was not a mistake.

“After those 23&Me results came in, they matched me with my biological fathers, brother,” said Deal.

After receiving the results, Deal sat down with her mother and found out she was conceived while her mother was stationed in Scotland with the US Navy. Through the test results, Ashley was able to get in touch with Bob, her biological father.

“Found out about me on May 24 at 9:21 p.m.,” said Deal. “So he says that’s now your second birthday.”

She started talking to Bob right away, before meeting in person, this August.

“Me and my daughters were peeking out of the windows and waiting for him to pull up and stuff. And so yea, we hopped outside and gave him some hugs,” said Deal.

After Deal had met with her biological father she said it had felt like she had known him her entire life.

“Everything I had thought I’d known from growing up has changed a bit, I just say it’s added more family,” she said.

Not only has deal discovered her dad, but her daughters now have a grandfather.

“She’ll text him and stuff and talk to him,” said Deal. “ Yea she’s really excited. Just more people to love.”

Deal and her daughters are planning on visiting her biological father in December. She said if you are contemplating taking a DNA test yourself, do it you never know what you might learn.