Wausau applies for grant to open health clinic

WAUSAU – The Town of Wausau could have a health clinic as soon as next year should approporiations through a Community Development Block Grant Corona Virus (CDBG-CV) be awarded. 

The proposal is a joint effort between the Town of Wausau, Northwest Florida Community Hospital, and the Florida Department of Health in Washington County aimed at utilizing a possible $1,384,090 in funding to turn an existing property owned by the town into a clinic where residents can be tested for COVID-19 and receive vaccinations. The site was donated to the town by Florida Department of Transportation during the course of its efforts to four-lane State Road 77. A vacant home currently sits on the property.

The house is located at 3565 Washington Street, in front of Town Hall. Once having held a historic designation as the oldest home in Wausau, it was lost when later owners placed siding, a metal roof and made other additions to the home.  

Town Clerk Margaret Riley says possible repurposing of the house was proposed by members of the town council.

“When FDOT donated the house to us, we knew it needed to be used for the community,” said Riley. “The clinic is the best way to help our residents, especially those that may not be able to afford or even travel to another place for these services. We would like to have a full-time health clinic in the future, one that can be utilized for more than just COVID-19 related things.” 

The application for the grant was submitted at the beginning of November but word on award is not expected until early next year.