NFCH offers preventative treatment for Covid-19

Northwest Florida Community Hospital is now one of only 23 sites in the state offering the prophylactic injection for COVID-19 known as Evusheld. Not to be confused with a Covid vaccine, the treatment is similar to monoclonal infusions in nature; however, Evusheld is used to help prevent the virus, rather than treat it.

Spencer Smith, NFCH chief operating officer, stresses that Evusheld is not meant to replace the vaccine. 

“The purpose of Evusheld is to protect those who cannot take the vaccine,” said Smith. “Those who are immune compromised or have allergies to components of the vaccine are among those who fall under the stringent guidelines laid out by the FDA, are eligible for Evusheld.”

Evusheld is a combination of two medicines, tixagevimab and cilgavimab, which can be given every six months. A prescription is required from your physician to receive the injection at the hospital’s infusion lab. Like the vaccines, the United States Food and Drug Administration placed Evusheld under an Emergency Use Authorization in order for the drug to be administered to patients.

The federal government sends Evusheld allotments to each of the providing facilities, with NFCH having received their first batch in December. The hospital has administered the medicine to about ten individuals since January 10. The hospital currently has 600 injections available to those who are eligible to receive the treatment.

For more information on Evusheld, contact NFCH at 850-638-1610.