WFEC announces planned outage for repairs

WFEC will conduct a planned power outage on Thursday, June 16, from approximately 8 a.m.-11 a.m. impacting around 2,121 members in Washington County.

This outage is to make permanent repairs to poles & equipment in a swamp, in the area impacted by last week’s extended outage.

Specialized equipment & crews from PowerSouth Energy Cooperative are being brought in to make this repair.

WFEC says, “We understand that we are under extreme heat advisory conditions but it is necessary to move forward with these repairs to prevent another extended outage like the one last week.”

The following communities will be impacted: Orange Hill Road to just south of Sunday Road; a portion of Corbin Road; a portion of Alford Road; Highway 77 south to Ben Road; Pioneer Road east & west of Highway. 77; Clayton Road east & west of Highway 77; Duncan Community; Town of Wausau & Mud Hill Road.

This outage will last approximately three hours. If there are elderly, young children, or people who rely on medical equipment for their health, please check on them and make arrangements to relocate if necessary. All members impacted by this outage will be notified via an automated phone call this week.