Chipley water facts to sip on

Chipley residents probably donÂ’t think of how much water is being used throughout the city when they turn on a faucet or start the laundry. The city knows hundreds of thousands of gallons are used daily.

According to City of Chipley Utilities Director Jimmy Cook, customers city-wide use 606,000 gallons of water per day. That number tends to trend down during the winter months because pools are not being filled and grass is not being watered as much. The daily average water use in 2021 was 606,000 gallons.

Cook said the city is fortunate to have three wells because all that has to be added to the water is chlorine. The city stopped adding fluoride to the water over 20 years ago.

Multiple sample tests are done on the water throughout the year in order to ensure drinkability through the state. Once a year, the city sends out the annual drinking water quality report in customers’ bills.

The water quality report details the amounts of inorganic contamination, radioactive contaminants, lead and copper, stage two disinfectant and disinfectant by-product are present in the water and the allowable levels of each contaminant.

For instance, in 2021, radioactive contaminants were reported as not detected. The level for both alpha emitters and radium came in at 0.5. Allowable amounts are 15 and five, respectively.

Cook said the city is very thorough in preparing the water coming into customersÂ’ homes from water production to distribution.

“We take pride in what we do,” Cook said. “We work hard to bring a quality product to our customers.”

For more information on the annual drinking water quality report, contact the City of Chipley at 850-638-6350.