Caryville Town Council adopted an ordinance to codify an existing local communications tax revenue stream from the state when they met in regular session Jan. 10.
The funds from that stream totaling $13,900 will be used as a match for a 75/25 United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development grant. From that grant, the town will purchase a new maintenance truck and refinance the town’s tractor. Should there be any funds left, additional equipment may be purchased.
Councilmember Becky Pate advised the panel that preparations for the annual Worm Fiddlin’ Festival were underway. Pate says volunteers are needed to help plan and implement the festival activities. Those interested in volunteering can contact town hall with any questions.
A new office associate in town hall has been tasked with operating the new Town of Caryville Facebook page.
The council discussed semi truck parking on town property but no motions were made on the issue. The matter is expected to be brought up again in a future meeting.
The Caryville Town Council will meet again in regular session at 6 p.m. Feb. 14.