School districts in Florida have recently been graded by the state Department of Education, based on academic assessments.

The Washington County School District was ranked a B. The District earned 62 percent of total points possible, continuing an upward since the drop in 2021 to 53, according to a news release.

“Washington County School District is especially proud to rank third in the state in the College and Career acceleration component with 77 points earned,” the District’s news release said. 

Students from the prior year graduation cohort who earned a passing score on an AP, IB or AICE exam, earned a C or better in an approved dual enrollment course, earned an approved CAPE industry certification, completed 300 or more clock hours through career dual enrollment courses from an approved program, or scored a 65 or higher on the ASVAB while earning two complete credits in JROTC courses are counted in this component.

“Ensuring our students enter the world beyond high school with the skills and tools to begin college or have a successful career experience is especially important to us,” Superintendent Joe Taylor said. “We celebrate many of our students and instructors that prepare students for the CAPE industry certification exams and dual enrollment completion for their achievement.” 

District and school grades from the state will “carry no negative consequences,” the Department of Education said when releasing grades this month.

“Using this baseline, schools and districts can work toward improved performance in future years,” a news release from the Department of Education said.