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City of Chipley recognizes Employee of the Year, employee service 

The City of Chipley recently gave Thomas A. Finch an Employee of the Year award.

Thomas A. Finch was recently awarded the Employee of the Year by the City of Chipley. From left: Mayor Tracy Andrews, City Councilmember Kevin Russell, City Councilmember Kristin Martin, City Councilmember Cheryl Gainer McCall, City Councilmember Linda Cain, Thomas A. Finch, and Public Works Director Guy Lane. [CONTRIBUTED]

Other individuals were also recognized by the City for their local service, ranging from five to 50 years. 

Phillip Adams                                             50 years

Gary Hall Jr.                                               40 years

Paul Demaree                                              25 years

Ambers Carter                                            25 years

Brad Adams                                                25 years

Shane Sanders                                             20 years 

Scott Thompson                                          20 years 

Teresa Sims                                                 15 years

Chris Folsom                                               10 years

James Shackelford                                      10 years

Hunter Aycock                                            Five years

Bobby Donaldson                                       Five years 

The City of Chipley recognized individuals for their local service, ranging from five to 50 years. From left: James Shackelford, Chris Folsom, Teresa Sims, Phillip Adams, Ambers Carter, Shane Sanders, Scott Thompson, Hunter Aycock, Brad Adams, and Bobby Donaldson. Not pictured: Bobby Hall Jr. and Paul Demaree. [CONTRIBUTED] 

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