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Chipley City Administrator Dan Miner retires


After 38 years working for the City of Chipley, City Administrator Dan Miner is riding off into the sunset.

A ceremony was held to recognize Miner’s retirement from the role and honor his service for the City on Friday, Jan. 5, in the City Council Chamber. City employees, councilmembers, and Miner’s family were in attendance. 

During his time with the municipality, Miner also rode on the back of garbage trucks, worked in various City departments, caught dogs, and read utility meters.

“Thirty-eight years is a long time. I’ve spent more than half of my life and then some here with the City,” Miner said. “There’s a lot of people come and gone. There’s some Council that’s gone and come back.”

Chipley City Administrator Dan Miner (right) is retiring after nearly four decades of working for the municipality. His retirement was commemorated with a ceremony at City Hall on Friday, Jan. 5, which was attended by Mayor Tracy Andrews (left) and other city officials and employees. Patrice Tanner is taking over the role. [COLLIN BREAUX | Washington County News] 

Miner said he didn’t know what to think about retiring and called the moment “bittersweet.”

“It’s something you always think about doing until it’s here,” Miner said. “Then, well, it’s just here. It’s time to do something different.”

Miner said he is “honored and proud” with his time working for Chipley. 

“The backbone is right here,” Miner said of the city staff and officials at the event. “Y’all are the ones that make things go and function. I really can’t thank y’all enough for what y’all do.”

Miner will be 59 years old soon. 

“I thank the Lord for putting me in the positions he’s put me in,” Miner said. “I’ve been blessed.”

Miner also served in the military, including time in Bosnia.

Councilmember Linda Cain said while she and Miner stood “toe to toe a lot of times,” they worked it out.

“We still love each other but you’ve never disappointed me,” Cain said. 

Mayor Tracy Andrews said Miner was dedicated and influenced her to stand more at attention during the Pledge of Allegiance at City Council meetings due to his posture.

“When I first met him, I realized he was totally dedicated to God. His passion and love for ministry work and to do the things that God purposed for him to do was ultimately number one in his life,” Andrews said. “His family was his heart. He loved his family. He always wanted to be the example for them.”

Councilmember Kevin Russell said Miner would tell Russell to think about proposals when they met during Russell’s first term in office, when he was 22 years old.

“I want to thank you, Dan, from a Council perspective for always helping us to think about it,” Russell said. “Anytime we bring up something on the Council, a lot of time we don’t know what goes on from a day-to-day operation. That’s where we lean on you.”

Patrice Tanner will be taking over the role of city administrator.

“You’re the best. After 38 years of employment with the City of Chipley, your retirement has been well-earned. It has been an honor to work under your leadership,” Tanner said between tears. “I believe I am speaking for everyone when I say you have been a true inspiration to each of us. You have led us and mentored us and we have learned so much from you.” 

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