Chipley City Council Chamber to get tech upgrades

Television screens are expected to soon be installed in the Chipley City Council chamber to broadcast live streams of meetings.

City Administrator Patrice Tanner mentioned the coming technological enhancements during a City Council workshop on Thursday, Jan. 4. 

People will be able to give presentations to the City Council through the screens.

“We will also put a large TV in the lobby,” Tanner said. “During the day, we will be able to post information that we would post on our Facebook or website or send to the newspaper–road closings, things of that nature, as well as other information. During meetings, if somebody were to stand out there, they would be able to hear everything going on.”

Audience members at Chipley City Council should soon be able to watch live streams of meetings in the City Hall lobby when new television screens are installed. [COLLIN BREAUX | Washington County News] 

The project could “hopefully, if at all possible,” be done by March, she said.

“April would probably be the latest,” Tanner said.

There will also be upgrades at the council dais, with three hanging microphones and microphones for each councilmember.

“We’re moving into the 21st century,” Councilmember Cheryl Gainer McCall said. 

Pictures of past mayors currently hanging on the Council Chamber walls could be moved into the lobby. Placing another television on the walls was a suggested option.

“That’s completely up to the Council how you want to move forward with that,” Tanner said.