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Washington County will request money from the state to pave and resurface roads under the Florida Department of Transportation’s Small County Road Assistance Program (SCRAP) and Small County Outreach Program (SCOP). 

Roads eyed under SCOP are a portion of Greenhead Road and Holmes Valley Road. The County previously submitted a funding request for Greenhead for three miles but this time is instead focusing on a mile and a half. 

“There’s a lot of activity beginning on Holmes Valley Road,” County Administrator Jeff Massey said. “I think we’re probably going to see some growth there pretty soon.”

The work for Holmes Valley Road has already been designed.

“That would be a great fit,” Commissioner Tray Hawkins said. “We’ve probably got a half of it or better already paved.”

The work on Greenhead would be the first phase of a continuing project. 

“Once the state sees you follow up on the road in different increments, the funding probabilities–I think–help increase a little bit,” Massey said. “I think we should focus on roads that we already have money invested in instead of going after new roads.”

As for SCRAP requests, engineers will recommend two roads from a pool of Clayton Road, Corbin Road, Moss Hill Road, Pioneer Road, and Creek Road.

“(Corbin Road) has taken a beating,” Massey said. “That road was mentioned as being a good project.”

Hawkins said the County is “losing (Moss Hill) rapidly.”

“It needs to be done again,” Hawkins said. “The sand doesn’t stabilize. … It’s got spider cracks throughout it.”

Many roads “need attention badly” but there are “only so many avenues to pursue funding,” Massey said.

The County Board of County Commissioners approved measures related to the requests during a special meeting on Monday, March 4. The requests will be submitted to the state next week.