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Church of God by Faith in Vernon requested traffic signs notifying people children are at play in the area and urging motorists to slow down since the facility is a church zone from the City of Vernon, which the City will abide by.

City Clerk Candice Hodges informed the City Council the new signs will go up during a meeting on March 18. 

“They’re speeding over there,” Council Vice President Gwendolyn March said.

Church members said people are “coming through real fast and the kids will be out in the front playing,” Hodges said. 

“It’s just a safety concern,” Hodges said.

In other Vernon news, the City is looking to fix the well at the Sportsplex, which is old and said to be “fried,” so that the grass out there can be watered. The malfunctioning well also causes water pressure issues with restrooms there.

The City will get a price on the matter by putting it out to bid.

Other tidbits from the City Council meeting:

-The Fire Department has a new software system that is being set up.

-Hodges plans to reach out to Washington County’s grant writer for assistance in writing a grant proposal that could fund having two people at the Vernon Fire Department from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

-The Vernon Sportsplex has seen some renovations, courtesy of the Recreation Department. Those upgrades include a total of three batting cages and painted concession stands and dugouts.

-Councilmember Becky Baxley raised issues with City employees delivering meeting agenda packets to Councilmembers on City time. Baxley said she and other Councilmembers can pick up the packets themselves instead of having the material delivered. “That’s taking service from the City,” Baxley said. “It’s been going on for years. I know that. It was even going on when I worked here as a deputy clerk. I’ve never agreed with it.” Other councilmembers agreed.