Students got a unique educational opportunity on April 17 when Chipley High School hosted a mock civil court trial and literary interpretations during a campus wide literary arts festival.

Students pretended to be jurors, defendants, and attorneys during the trial presided over by retired circuit judge Allen Register. Other kids dressed up as characters from various classic literary works, including from Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Veldt.”

Other activities included a scavenger hunt, poetry slam, and escape room. 

Students dress as characters from the Ray Bradbury short story “The Veldt.” From left: Mia Wilson, Lauren Waits, Kadie Bruner, Lawson Corbitt, and Kason Nelson. [COLLIN BREAUX | The News]
Students dress as characters from the Nathaniel Hawthorne short story “The Birth-Mark.” From left: Aili Kangas, Ashley Burke, Lauren Moon, and Adalynn David-Richard.  [COLLIN BREAUX | The News]
Retired circuit judge Allen Register (right) explains the details of a court trial to students at Chipley High School during a language arts festival on April 17. Student Julie Mayo (left) looks on. [COLLIN BREAUX | The News]
Student Joshua Deese (right) pretends to testify during a mock civil trial at Chipley High on April 17 as part of a language arts festival. Retired circuit court judge Allen Register (left) presides. [COLLIN BREAUX | The News]