Vernon Council swears in new members, discusses other matters

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Vernon City Clerk Candice Hodges recently received a call from someone wanting to do a yard sale at the city square.

Hodges brought the matter to the City Council during an April 15 meeting–a request councilmembers turned down.

“I told them I needed to check with y’all because I don’t want to open that up to a liability,” Hodges said. “I’m bringing it to y’all because it’s whatever the pleasure of the Council is. I told them I’d get back with them.”

The yard sale was not intended to be a fundraiser for a group or civic organization.

“It’s just an individual wanting to have a yard sale,” Hodges said.

Council President Becky Baxley said the only people who use the square are churches and charities.

In other news from the April 15 meeting, Hodges briefly mentioned an “audit situation.”

“The accountant has sent everything to the auditor. We have to have it in by May 2,” Hodges said. “I’ve just been pulling paperwork for that.”

Hodges said the City has been assured everything will be in prior to May 2.

“I’ve sent them everything they’ve asked for,” Hodges said.

In an email after the meeting and following a comment request, Hodges explained the audit situation further.

“The audit is behind but will be completed by the deadline the [Joint Legislative Auditing Committee] gave the City. It is the 2021-2022 audit,” Hodges said. “The program that was used for fund accounting at that time was replaced and caused some delays but they are on track now.”

New council members John Wilson and Joshua Zurica were sworn in, replacing outgoing council members Mary Porteus and Joey Brock. Brock was on the City Council for 15 years and is running for the District 3 seat on the Washington County Board of County Commissioners, while Porteus was in for a short time.

Mayor Gary Owens was sworn back into office.